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The Chakat Model Page

  The Chakat keeps having kittens! So I've given hir hir own page.

Chakat Chakat

The Chakat is an hermaphrodite felinoid centaur. The name Chakat and the character is copyright (c) Bernard Doove. (See The Chakat's Den for details, artwork and stories involving this fascinating creature.)

This figure is a collaboration between Yowl (who provided the impetus and initial mesh), Little Dragon (who did all the heavy lifting -- completed the figure, rigged it and did the mapping) and Davewa (who modeled the "naughty bits" and is currently providing the hosting space for the download.) It is based partially on the Millennium Big Cat and partially on the open-source Project Human Female LoRes figure.

The Chakat figure comes with two accessories: a "boob tube" top and a pair of arm-bands, as shown in the promo render. UV maps are provided, but no textures have been included. (The one in the promo is a work in progress and required considerable postwork to look as even as poor as it does.)

The figure has a genatilia switch with four settings: genderless, hermaphrodite, male and female. There is also a FBM for "male". Therefore, in addition to the Chakat character, this figure can also serve as male and female Wemic characters.

No poses are provided, but the readme file contains advice on editing poses for the Mil Big Cat so that they will apply to the lower body of the Chakat figure. The upper body is compatible with most humanoid poses. (See the readme for details.) The tail has appearance morphs and is rigged with "easy-pose" technology. The head is mimic-ready.

Required Files:
The Millennium Big Cat (full version or LE version, sold at www.daz3d.com) and either
RTEncoder (available at www.rtencoder.com) or
RTEJava (available at www.geocities.com/rtejava/).

See the Readme for further details.

download the base files

The Chakat's whiskers become balloons in a high-quality render because the "Smooth Polys" property is turned on for these body parts. If you don't want to fix this by hand in the CR2 or uncheck the boxes when you load the figure, download this pose file and apply it when you need a close-up.

Pose file courtesy of davewa.

Yowl has been off in the back room making textures. I caught him in the act and grabbed his bump maps and his first three texture sets: white, gray-and-white and black

I've given them consistent names and made MAT poses to apply them. You can get them here.

More textures from Yowl! Lion, Fox and Blue Fox.

I've included the bump maps in this ZIP as well in case you don't already have the first set.
Yowl's Second Texture Set.

Still more textures from Yowl! Skunk, Gray Tabby and White Tiger.

packaged the usual way.
Yowl's Third Texture Set.

Another set of three textures from Yowl: Tiger, Reverse Tiger and Siamese.

packaged the usual way.
Yowl's Fourth Texture Set.

Another set of three textures from Yowl: Calico, White Spotted and Orange Spotted.

packaged the usual way.
Yowl's Fifth Texture Set.

Something different from Yowl: Not textures, exactly but rather resources so you can make your own by overlaying the upper body with a human (i.e.: not furry texture and bump map.
The ZIP file contains one bump map (JPEG) that serves for all and six shades of realistic skin texture as PNG files. You use the PNG as an overlay on one of the existing fur upper body textures and create a somposite texture which you save as a JPEG. You then assign the composite texture to the upper body and the furry textures of the corresponding pattern to the rest of the figure.

Yowl's Human Textures.

Another set of three textures from Yowl: Black Spotted, Cream and Brown.

packaged the usual way.
Yowl's Sixth Texture Set.

From the prolific Yowl: a metal-web belt with round buckle. (Davewa did some work packaging this as a clothing prop with materials.) Built for Poser 7 but works fine in Poser 5 and 6 except for the version number complaint. Unzip into your runtime and you'll find a pp2, png and also the UV Map for the beltbuckle as a bmp.

Yowl's Chakat Belt.

Change the shape of the Chakat's skull and muzzle with these four morphs. Instructions are in the Readme file.

Chakat Head Shaping Morphs Set.

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