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3D Models for Poser or DAZ|Studio

  These are free models suitable for Poser. They will often work fine in DAZ|Studio, but I don't actually test them other than under Windows (XP) and in Poser 5 and 6.

These models are distributed in ZIP form. When necessary, RTEncoder has been used to "lock" the model and you must decode against a specified file to unlock it again.

Miss Multiplicity Miss Multiplicity

General Release version 2.1 of 05-Sep-2005

A six-breasted woman. For when you just can't get enough of a good thing. :)

Note: for users of earlier versions, this version installs in its own uniquely-named folders. You may therefore either continue to use V1 and/or V2 along with V2.1 or safely delete the folders for the earlier versions and begin using V2.1.

New / changed in this release:

A top for the "quadrakini" has been provided, along with a texture map for it.


Doe for the DAZ Buck Doe for the DAZ Buck

General Release version 1.0 of 17-Sep-2005

A simple modification of the mesh for the DAZ3D Buck figure creates a doe. RTEncoded -- you must own the DAZ Buck to use this model.

Rudolph for the DAZ Buck
For your Christmas scenes: a smart-prop to turn the DAZ Buck's nose into a "running light".

Readme: here.

Download: here

Open-Source Centaurs Open-Source Centaurs

Release 1.1 of 23-January-2006

Four open-source centaur figures based on geometry derived from the woman and horse models from Zygote Media. This package consists of four figures and two clothing props. Two of the figures (the "generic" female and male) are shown in the image. The other two figures are based on the centaur-like species described by the science fiction author John Varley in his "Gaean" trilogy.

This package is quite large -- over 13 MB, so it is available in two forms: "centaurs for broadband" (the whole thing in one ZIP file) and "centaurs for dial-up" (which splits the package into five ZIP files, the largest being just over 4 MB). The "dial-up" package is reccommended for those with a slow internet connection or for anyone who only wants one or two of the four figures, as four of the five pieces will consist of one complete figure each while the fifth (also the smallest at only 517 KB) will be the clothes.

Version 1.1 corrects some errors in the readme file and adjusts the placement of the wrist joint to improve hand poses. If you have already downloaded one or more of the version 1.0 figures, you need only download the update file (585 KB).

Broadband Users

centaurs for broadband

Dial-Up Users

"generic" female centaur figure
"generic" male centaur figure
Gaean female centaur figure
Gaean male centaur figure

Update from version 1.0 to version 1.1:


Chakat Chakat

The Chakat kept having kittens, so I gave hir a room of hir own.

A Modern Amateur's Telescope

Release Version 1.1 of 27-May-2006 1600 GMT

This is a highly-detailed model of an eight-inch (200 mm) Schmitt Cassegrain telescope on a tripod-mounted, computerized German Equatorial mount. Figure (posable prop), textures, UV maps and poses included. The two cables are rigged with "easy-pose" technology. And no, if you turn on ray-tracing and attempt to render a view through the eyepiece this model does not work. :)

Changes from version 1.0 to 1.1: sharper edges and glow-in-the-dark display when rendering.

See the Readme for further details.


Soldering Iron

This is a soldering iron prop based on an iron the author owns. It is intended to be the first in a series of props for electronic construction and ham radio applications.

See the readme for more details.


Ham Radio Tranceiver

This is a prop for an amateur radio tranceiver based on the Heathkit SB104-A (circa 1980). It is the second in a series of props for electronic construction and ham radio applications.

See the readme for more details.



Version 1.1 of 01-Aug-2006

This is a prop for a Star Wars-like "droid". Since it is fan art, commercial use is prohibited.

See the readme for more details.


Hawaiian Texture for Cyclorama (no. 648)
This image is derived from a photograph I took on the island of Kauai in 2008. The download contains a mat pose and the texture file it applies to the DAZ Multi-plane Cyclorama. Click this link to view the readme file.

Morphs for the Electronic Frontier Bovines

I built three morph targets for the Bull and Cow from Electronic Frontier ( http://www.contentparadise.com)

This package contains three morph targets:

  • bull_hip_castrated: removes testicles
  • bull_hip_scrotum_fix: moves scrotum to proper position
  • cow_udder_heffer: shrinks udder

  • The targets are OBJ files containing only the vertex information (no connectivity). There's a readme file with instructions on how to apply and use the morphs.


    Centaurs for the Electronic Frontier

    Chimerae are us!

    By request, I've created two centaur figures  based on the Poser 7 horse and the "Generation Two" adult human figures from Electronic Frontier (sold by Content Paradise). You have your choice of Sydney or Jessie for the female and Simon, James, Koji or Kelvin for the male.  The model set is free for commercial or non-commercial use.

    Because the centaur requires a modified geometry and CR2 file derived from the P7 horse, you will need to own that figure in order to decode the "payload" files for this model set.  Use RTEncoder or RTEJava to decode the "payload".

    Please see the readme file for additional details and instructions.

    Poi Making Tools
    The making of poi from boiled taro by the ancient Hawaiian method requires several low-tech tools: a board to use as a working surface, a stone pestle to mash the cooked taro and a pot to hold the finished product. If you have a taste for virtual poi, I have made these objects available as a free download set of poser props. It's all explained in this readme file .

    Horse Head Morph for V4
    This applies an extreme head morph to Victoria 4.2 from DAZ, giving her a horse-faced appearance.

    See the readme for more details.

    Just download the ZIP, unzip it to your runtime and have fun.

    3rd-Party Add-ons for my Models
      Here are some third-party add-ons for my models:
    Add-ons for the Open Source Centaurs

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